Bridge Receiving Center Shares Mission

This week our meeting speaker was Tracy Rubstello from Bridge Receiving Center. This non-profit provides a safe, therapeutic, trauma response team for children who have been removed from their homes.

As we all know, situations where families are torn apart, whether from poverty, drug abuse, violence or safety issues, the resulting stress to children is significant. The uncertainty of being separated from siblings, the anxiety of living with a strange family, and the “not knowing” what lies ahead, creates staggering angst. Bridge Receiving offers a safe, soothing place to land while decisions are being made about foster placement for these young victims of circumstance.

Bridge Receiving Center is located adjacent to Cedar Springs Camp near Lake Stevens. Children ranging from age 4-17 may stay there for 30, sometimes up to 60 days until suitable placement can be set in motion. Plans are in place to expand the vision to include additional centers throughout Washington.

More information about the program, and also a way to donate may be found by visiting:

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