Clothes For Kids Offers Support To Families

One of the local non-profits that we partner with joined us at a recent meeting. Joan Morrison, executive director of Clothes For Kids gave us an update on their program which provides clothing for underserved youth in Snohomish County. 

Clothes For Kids collects donated clothing, launders, tags and places the items in their store in Lynnwood. In addition they purchase new items to supplement clothing  pieces that will round out a wardrobe for the child or teen. In some cases, this shopping experience is the first time a child has had the chance to pick out their own clothes (vs receiving hand me downs). They will leave the store with a selection of tops, bottoms (shorts, skirts, pants), underwear, socks, coat, shoes, sweatshirt or similar, and light jacket.

Last year Clothes For Kids served over 5,200 kids in the county, nearly 1,400 from #Mukilteo. Eligible families come once a year to shop at the store.

Each year, following the close of the school year, club members collect lost and found items from several of the schools in the Mukilteo School District and deliver multiple literally truckloads of extra large garbage bags of clothing, shoes, and other items students have not retrieved from the schools before the close of the year. These items help to supplement the stores inventory.

Clothes For Kids has a fundraiser on June 1st at the Lynnwood Embassy Suites. For information on the event or to learn more about their program, visit: clothes for 

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