Leadership Launch Shares Program Mission and Vision

Leadership Launch is a youth centric organization that helps college bound students find their leadership skills, build community connections, and train and equip them as they navigate post high school education.

Nearly a decade ago, Rachel and Dan Kittle founded this program, serving students grades 9-12 in their home. The program primarily focused on teens who were often the first in their respective families, to seek a college degree. Mentoring and guiding these high schoolers ranged from how to fill out college applications, building a successful extra curricular resume, and supporting their academic profile to meet GPA expectations. All of this aided students as they reached for their goals of moving through high school and on toward college.

Now in 2024, Leadership Launch has grown and evolved, both in their leadership and their mission and vision. New executive director, Adrianne Wagner spoke to the club recently about her vision as she assumes the leadership role. After nearly 20 years in the medical field as an administrator, she took (as she coined it) an evaluation of her professional career, and decided that the mentoring piece was what she wanted to focus on. The position with Leadership Launch seemed like an excellent fit. The board that is currently seated, includes valuable community leaders with likeminded ideas. They are small business managers, school district employees, and non profit leaders to name a few.

Currently the program has 15-20 students enrolled. They range from 9th grade to the first year in college. Although most are from the Mukilteo School District, two are from other school districts. In the future, the goal may be to expand the existing  curriculum to other districts.

On May 24th, there will be a community fair at Rosehill with individuals and other small groups able to have a table included. For more information, visit leadershiplaunch.org.

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