Academic Scholarships Awarded to Graduating Seniors

Kiwanis Club of Mukilteo proudly presented 25 deserving Mukilteo School District #graduating seniors with #scholarships toward ongoing #education. One graduate, Torren Donovan, from ACES received the Bruce Brown Scholarship of $1,500, and 24 others received $,1000 each. S25,500 is the highest dollar amount that the club has ever given out to local #students.

The Class of 2023 are unique in that it was during their freshman year (2019-2020) that the pandemic changed the way #education was experienced. These students spent the rest of the year and on into the next #school cycle, with on-line classes, and minimal in person experiences.

Gradually in person education resumed… but how high school programs, classes, and extra curricular activities occurred… all of it had shifted.

Our hats are off to ALL 2023 graduates in the school district, who successfully navigated a challenging high school experience. We are particularly grateful for the 25 young men and women who sought and received scholarships from our club.

ACES: Kimberly Mendoza, Shayla Mattson, Melody Angeli, Danika Masterson, Torren Donovan.

Mariner HS: Tsedenyd Beruk, Hannah Goerg, Elizandra Padilla, Marina Lawandy, Hermon Tekeste, Itzel Guadalupe, Zahara Nori Aj-Harab.

Kamiak HS: Annabelle Heiman, Samuel Lord, Esaw Adhana, Scarlet Jones, Noah Parker, Simran Kaur, Reina Park, Rassa Modares, Charlie Tran, Sidhant Rauniyer, Alexandria Parker, Chloe Lee, Nathaniel Pao.

Best Wishes for your future! We are proud of you!

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