The Bridge Receiving Center Offers Hope

Tracy Rubstello from The Bridge Receiving Center (TBRC) spoke to Kiwanis Members at our recent meeting. TBRC is a safe and welcoming place for children and teens who are entering foster care for the first time.

Picture yourself as a child who has been removed from their family for a number of reasons (neglect, abuse, drug use in the home, etc.) You are frightened, unsure what your future holds, are worried about other family members, and feel completely alone.  This is an extremely traumatizing time that could potentially stay with a child all the way into adulthood. 

TBCR works hard to offer their young clients a place that offers safety, therapeutic support, and positive adult interactions. Placements may last from 30-60 days, although on a case by case basis, placements have been extended. This stay is much more beneficial to children who might otherwise be shuffled from one temporary placement three or four times (sometimes even a hotel room) before landing with a foster family. 

The Bridge Receiving Center is located on the edge of Cedar Springs Camp in Lake Stevens. If you would like to donate or find out more about this program you can find this 501c3 non-profit by visiting:

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