First Clinic Discusses Trauma Advocacy

FIRST Clinic Discusses Trauma Prevention Associated with Family Separation

FIRST Legal Clinic provides holistic support to pregnant persons and parents of newborns at risk of CPS intervention and removal. Services include 24/7 legal consultation and peer advocacy, support from a parent ally, coordinated medical care, quick access to substance abuse treatment, and access to other critical and appropriate services including housing. By early intervention and evidence-based advocacy, FIRST seeks to prevent the trauma and costs associated with family separation.

FIRST helps parents and babies thrive during this most vulnerable early phase. In addition, it offers its parents and babies ongoing support through its community and partners so families can focus on succeeding, together, in a safe and healthy environment.

Three representatives of FIRST Clinic shared personal stories and brought awareness to the plight of underserved community members who get caught in the  cycle of addiction, abuse, and lack of advocacy. For more information, visit:

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